Abstract: Day by days the workload in organizations is increasing rapidly. There is large amount of data is to be handled. In case of important data, their regular backup is important. Many organizations follow manual techniques for backing up the data. If the data is important and large size. In such cases, we provide advanced software approaches for backing up the data. So we have a concept of regular data backup through advance software approaches. Manually, it is very hard to backup only that data which is modified on any particular date or any particular date range. This concept of regular data backup for any organization on periodic basis. It means the software will take backup of any specified location and will generate logs, error logs, size trends and many more. This concept can raise many new trends in data backup. As backup remains as problematic as ever, but there are several emerging trends in technology and functional convergence that should address some of the biggest challenges: increasing capacities, shrinking backup windows, increasing recovery point requirements, and limited budgets etc. We are trying to tackle such issues through our backup system by using advanced technology approaches.

Keywords: Backup, Security, Efficiency, Recovery.