Abstract: There is a rapid development of the morden scientific database and internet database. These databases have thousand numbers of relations and attributes. So static query form does not work with a large number of relations and attributes, as they do not satisfy many ad-hoc database queries on the real world databases. Thus there is a requirement of a system which will satisfy the user requirement and generate the query form dynamically at the run time. In this paper we propose the Dynamic Query Form (DQF), which is going to provide the solution of the large and heterogeneous database. DQF captures the userís interest and provide the rank query form component, which is usefull for the user to make his/her decision. DQF is the iterative process and each iteration is guided the user. In each iteration system generates the ranking list of form component automatically and user can add any component according to his/her requirement. The component ranking is generated by capturing the user preference. Now user can fill the enrich query form and execute the query and the result will be shown to the user. This process is repeated until the user is satisfied.

Keywords: Query form, Query execution, User interaction, Query form generation.