Abstract: With the fast development of rising applications like informal community examination, semantic Web investigation and bioinformatics system investigation, an assortment of information to be handled keeps on seeing a speedy increment. Viable presents a few major information handling techniques from framework what's administration furthermore, investigation of vast scale information represents a fascinating however basic challenge. As of late, Big Data has pulled in a great deal of consideration from the scholarly world, industry and additionally government. This paper more, application viewpoints. To start with, from the perspective of cloud information administration and enormous information preparing systems, we show the key issues of enormous information preparing, including distributed computing stage, cloud structural planning, cloud database and information stockpiling plan. Taking after the MapReduce parallel preparing structure, we then present MapReduce streamlining techniques furthermore, applications reported in the writing. Then we use standard encryption methods when we transferred to the cloud to secure the operations and the storage of data. Homomorphic Encryption is used to perform functions on encrypted data. Here we provide various homomorphic encryption schemes available on cloud computing environment for secure data processing. At last, we discuss and find the best homomorphic encryption method in cloud computing environment in big data.

Keywords: Big Data, Map Reduce, Homomorphic Encryption.