Abstract: Due to the large use of vehicles, government enforces several laws to avoid serious harmful situations to human life. But in day-today life the public and police find much difficulty to keep these laws. Though there are several methods for keeping up these laws, most of these methods are not foot proof. Therefore, here we propose an idea that can technically solve the whole problems and mess in the law enforcement of motor vehicle departments beside, it can help for both public and the vehicle users in a variety of ways. Also in future, it can be modified to any desired level with minimum expenditure. The core idea is that each and every vehicle in the nation should have a unique digital ID which may be the same as the registration number. This unique ID should be encoded in an embedded system designed as per the standards of government regarding this product and it will increase the security of the product. Vehicles manufactured without this circuitry should not be eligible for registration or fitness. This embedded system in the vehicle contains some sub-circuits such as RFID Reader,GPS Chip, Alcohol Detector, Accelerometer, Display etc. which performs functions such as automatic speed limit according to different zones , concentration based warning on dangerous blind spots , automated rash drive penalty, detection of drunken drivers, force-stopping any desired vehicles by department, can recover a stolen vehicle, checking the validity of license, traffic block and location based alert to the driver, automatic accident detection and rescue service which all aredone in connection with stationary RF transceivers which is placed on the road side at a particular distance apart. Thus the system discussed in our project will not only very helpful in solving the problems faced in the law enforcement of motor vehicle department but also of assistance to drivers and public.

Keywords: ECU, GPS, RFID.