Abstract: This paper deals about the use of DWDM technique and its design. The DWDM technique refers to optical signals multiplexed in the range of 1550nm. It works effectively in the range of C-Band which has the wavelength from 1530-1565 nm. This technique enables us to increase the throughput by decreasing the usage of the medium which is the optical fibre. It deals with the twin concept of Optical transport network and Wavelength division multiplexing. By implementing in DWDM, the network gets optimised to have extended coverage area and maximization of bandwidth. DWDM terms like throughput, latency, Bit Error Rate, Optical Signal to Noise ratio are analysed by this technique.

Keywords: DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing), multiplex, throughput, Optical transport network, Wavelength division multiplexing, latency, Bit error rate, Optical signal to noise ratio.