Abstract: Krushi-Unnati is operate as online classified market place for used goods such as vegetables, fruits, flowers, grains. It is accessible through internet and through native apps on smartphones. Krushi-Unnati publishes online classified. It is the one of the latest version of its mobile phone app develop specially for farmers. It makes buying and selling very easy using your smart phone. Here we take look at the app and its features. Now farmer can use this mobile app to post free advertisement online and can search current price of that product in the market. Krushi-Unnati is website has a place for farmer to sell of things. Those who are in need of and item they can go to website browser through the product. Here buyer purchase the item. All in all here krushi-Unnati acts as a place where buyer meet farmers(seller).Krushi-Unnati tries to give appropriate price to farmer of there products and it make buying and selling things even more convenient. Features of Krushi-Unnati:The mobile app studded with a number of features that make selling and buying stuff so easy that it looks like a cakewalk.some of these feature are: 1)Share your ad:Here we can share ads through krushi-Unnati app and images of products. After sharing ad of product buyer can get the information about those products like quantity,price. 2) Product Quality: As product is directly come from farm the product will be of good quality. 3)Price: This app provide appropriate price both to seller and buyer.

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