Abstract: Security and surveillance are important and recent issues in computer vision world. Surveillance system means identify suspicious activity for the purpose of security such as prevention of crime, investigation of crime, protecting people or group or object. A video surveillance management system, not only able to find out what happened by viewing real-time video and searching video recordings but also the system must be stable and fault-tolerant. Capturing all of the video from a number of cameras to a centralized server is inherently unscalable and expensive. Distributed video systems scale much more effectively than centralized server system. A video surveillance system must meet different requirement such as availability, scalability, manageability, security. Current high-performance embedded cameras integrate video processing, video sensing, and communication within a single device which is called as smart camera. Today smart cameras are key components for video surveillance systems. This paper review different distributed video surveillance system framework.

Keywords: Video Surveillance System, Distributed Computing, Smart Camera, Events.