Abstract: Data Mining is a computational process of discovering useful information from large data sets. Web Mining is recently an active research area under Data Mining, where discovery of information from web documents or web pages are done. There is a big influence of technology in our daily life, especially Internet, is more and more important for our life and surely it will be the medium of the future. So extracting information from web and organizing them for human use has a great importance. In this work, we propose an Automatic Annotation Approach, in which information from web databases are collected and grouped according to their similarity. We assign meaningful labels to these groups. A web database is an organized listing of web pages, which have a searching interface through which user can enter their query. Annotation is important since shopping comparison and multiple domain searches are necessary for our day-to-day life. In our work we use four different domains and we search through these domains and results are shown in an annotated format, these annotated results will be easier to interpret by human users and can be used in comparison of data.

Keywords: SRR, Annotation, WDB, Wrapper.