Abstract: Location Based Services and Geographical Information System together have enabled a new era of the development of a mobile based applications for various commercial and military applications. Unlike the current information services such as those on the web and as mobile apps, the GIS has benefited greatly from developments in various fields of computing. Better database software allows the management of vast amounts of information that is referenced to digital maps. Computer graphics techniques provide the data models for storage, retrieval and display of geographic objects. Geographic Information Science, the field of science behind GIS, offers specialized knowledge about spatial data collection and processing, data modeling as well as modeling of spatial processes for analysis purposes. In our project we propose a method for find the locations of various Places according to user location using Gps in online mode in our project the user can access the important unique data without unwanted data Information related to the searched location. And Location-based search is one of the great promises of the mobile era. Looking for a good searching option based on the user query.

Keywords: GIS, Location-Based Service LBS, GPS, Open Street Map(OSM).