Abstract: Advance Information Processing is to develop an efficient data storage and retrieval. This work mainly focuses on reducing the manual work with ease of access. The data retrieval is from centralized database with an authenticated communication which avoids the local database access. In the centralized database the information can be easily transposed, transformed and maintained which improves the efficiency of retrieval and storage. It is purely a web application. Our proposed work for information retrieval and storage is implemented in a company for selling and producing ATM parts like card reader, cassettes, depositors, dispensers, displays etc. whenever a customer requires an ATM part the request is sent to the company where the process starts. In the company the employee who is responsible for processing the request sends the information to the approval team as customer specified. The approval team identifies the part number and verifies with part review team and processes are done to finalize the part. The instruction for the new part is generated as a PDF file with all the necessary specifications relevant to the requested part. This file is sent to the part development team which delivers the requested parts. Our proposed project makes the development teamís work easier as all the necessary informationís are available from the approval team as a single file.

Keywords: Advance Information Processing System(AIPSI), Centralized database, Authentication, ATM, PDF file.