Abstract: In today’s world, physically handicapped person & elder peoples are depending on others peoples. But today’s world becomes fast, everyone is very busy & there are few peoples to take care of these peoples properly. They find the automated wheelchairs for an easy transportation for these physical disable persons. The proposed work is to design & develop a hand gesture based wheelchair using Gesture Control System. Wheelchairs are used by which person who cannot walk due to physiological, injury or any disability. Recent development promises a wide scope in developing hand gesture based wheel chair or smart wheelchairs. The present article presents an accelerometer sensor using gesture based wheelchair which controls the direction of wheelchair using hand movements. This paper presents a model for hand Gesture controlled user interface and identifies trends in current technology, application and usability. We present very useful an integrated approach to real time detection, hand gesture based data glove technique is very used which controls the wheelchair using hand movements by using the accelerometer sensor. This paper proposed a low voltage supply, low-cost and small 3-axis wireless system to control the wheelchair using AVR microcontroller.

Keywords: microcontroller, accelerometer sensor, wheel chair control, hand gesture recognition, RF module.