Abstract: Various aspects of existence area unit step by step being digitized as our life experiences and inventive effort area unit accumulate in personal computers digital media devices and mobile devices. Folks use password and different authentication strategies to shield these collections of private and probably tip. Ancient strategies (e.g., personal passwords) area unit but secure. But these issues are often resolving through the “physiological passwords” through distinctive personal identification technique. There area unit numerous identification has been accustomed known the individual like face recognition, personal signature or iris recognition. Among of these statistics iris recognition is that the best biometric recognition for individual. Iris is extremely correct and reliable of their stable characteristics throughout lifespan. During this paper we have a tendency to improve the iris recognition performance by victimisation cryptography. Cryptography is that the technique that has a lot of security to the info or feature primarily based templates. In cryptography technique it'll be cipher the initial information of the iris that area unit supported the various options of the iris and at the last within the result half it’ll be rewrite the initial information. Fuzzy commitment theme (FCS) is additionally introduced during this projected technique. It’ll offer the correctness of the iris feature extraction and conjointly cut back the noise and error that area unit manufacture by the various angle of iris pictures. Thus during this paper we have a tendency to mentioned regarding the biometric recognition by victimization-on cryptosystem to boost the performance of iris recognition. Cryptosystem is nothing however it's the system that's victimisation the technique of cryptography meaning secret writing.

Keywords: Biometric, FCS, Physiological passwords, cryptography, cryptosystem, security, iris recognition.