Abstract: Automobile technology when integrated with robust advanced computer technology can help to create powerful smart car, things can change drastically to ease user drive and avoid accidents. The approach mentioned in this paper will diminish accidents by predicting human psychology and behaviour to a certain extent. Driving a car that can understand you, your feelings and your expressions while driving indeed help to prevent accidents. Long distance journey alone can fluctuate your mood many times due to many reasons. In such cases an understanding intelligent music player in car and mobile friendly app assistance can help a person to be secure during his drive. If the driver is stressed or angry then it can be dangerous to continue further drive which might result in fatal accidents. Sometimes if person is not paying attention on road or he is driving his car rashly, our system will take care of all those things and comfort the driver with all safety measurements and entertainment techniques to reach his destination safely.

Keywords: Avoid Accidents, Driver assistance, Electronic Stability Control (ESC), Autonomous Braking System (ABS), Car Security Application, Collision Detection, Alcohol Detection, Deactivation of ignition, Intelligent Music player.