Abstract: Gesture Vocalizer is a project for social purpose. From the survey we found that it is really very difficult for deaf people to communicate with other people. Normally deaf people speak with hand gestures and it is difficult for other people to understand their sign language. We are going to implement gesture based vocalizer which will detect all the gestures of deaf people and convert it into voice and also can display it on LCD screen .For that we are making use of ARM 7 controller to interface all of the sensors and speech synthesizer .Basically data glove contains two types of sensors flex sensor and accelerometer as a tilt sensor. A wireless data gloves is used which is normal cloth driving gloves fitted with flex sensors along the length of each finger and the thumb. Dumb people can use the gloves to perform hand gesture and it will be converted into speech so that other people can understand their expression.This system is useful for dumb people to communicate with other people.

Keywords: Gesture Detection, Data Glove, Bend Detection, Tilt Detection, Speech Synthesizer, LCD display.