Abstract: This paper discusses the configuration and functions of the Car Black Box System. This system focuses on monitoring of real-time driving and also uploads the monitored data to cloud application for further investigation in the case of an accident. This system helps the accident investigators as well as insurance companies to find out the cause of the crash. The author analyzes the problems faced in earlier models proposed and directs development to develop an integrated system with minimalistic hardware and high performance. This system uses Android Smartphone as its hardware component supported with an Android application to provide features for accident monitoring. Android Phone used as it provides all the characteristics to assist with reducing hardware use, as Android Smartphone acts an embedded system to facilitate all the features. Apart from video monitoring, other features such as navigation, speed tracking and anti-theft features are also provided in the system. The perspective of this project is to make the user feel more safety about the car and to help knowing the actual cause of accidents if any.

Keywords: Car Black Box, Android, Accident Monitoring, Open Source Technology.