Abstract: In this survey paper we will discuss about the types of the steganography cover objects. Steganography is an art and science of Hide the data in a cover image using some techniques that it remains undetected by the unauthorized access. We hide the data in a manner that the stego image looks like a single entry by any third person. No one has doubt that the image is the stego image. We use some different methods that keep data to be secret. It is a powerful tool for security with which we can keep the data secret behind an object. An object may be Text, Audio, Video, and Image. The factor that affects the steganography methods are PSNR, MSE, SNR, Payload Capacity and Robustness.

Keywords: Steganography, PSNR, MSE, Stego-Image, Stego-Key, Data covering, Data Extraction, Cryptography.