Abstract: Image processing plays a very important role in image denoising. As most of the applications make use of images in various such as medical field, satellites images, aerial images, space exploring and many more. This image is disturbed by the various factors and hence leads to the noisy image. This leads to the necessity of the image denoising technique. These noisy images mainly include the noise such as Gaussian noise, salt and pepper noise, speckle noise etc. The technique used to Denoised the image is depending on the type of noise it includes and hence it is compulsory to have the knowledge of the noise present in the image. A large number of algorithms has been developed to remove the noise and enhance the image features. This paper gives the description of noise, types of noise and LPG-PCA algorithm that has been used for denoising the image.

Keywords: noise; types of noise; LPG-PCA algorithm.