Abstract: A systematic review of Image Based Attendance Analysis, is an automated face recognition (AFR) technologies that have been faced improvements in performance over the past years, and such technology are now widely used in different area in terms for security and commercial purpose. A face recognition in a real time either for colleges, companies and institution, public or private sector to mark the attendance of their members or relates. Face Recognition is of the real world solution which comes with day to day activities of handling employee’s attendance in any company. The tasks of handling attendance using image based attendance analysis is getting some challenges and some difficulties are tried to be resolved as much as the technology is growing up. This technology come up to replaces the old hectic and time consuming methods of marking attendance where people used the manually system of making attendance using the papers and files where the security and manipulation was hard for management. Face Recognition begins with extracting the coordinates of features such as width of mouth; width of eyes, pupil, and compare the result with the measurements stored in the database and return the closest record which is known as facial metrics. The review of different algorithms have been proposed and implemented and some solutions and output have been addressed.

Keywords: Biometrics, Face Recognition, Face Detection.