Abstract: The UWP now provides a common app platform available on every device that runs Windows 10, (Devices IoT, Mobile, PC, XBOX, Surface Hub, etc.) Which Are UWP .This means you can create a single app package that can be installed onto a wide range of devices and, with that single app package, the Windows Store provides a unified distribution channel to reach all the device types your app can run on. In this paper will discuss the design and implementation of monitoring and supervisory control system using a windows system platforms from the Windows 10(device IoT), especially after winning support from the Microsoft Company for these (devices IoT) which is belong the universal windows platform (UWP) such as Raspberry Pi2 widows 10 platform as a Master terminal Unit (MTU) and I will discuss the extended of the SCADA system vertically and Horizontally (by using GPIO Pin of the MTU , one type of bus (Modbus , I2C bus , UART) respectively , in case the horizontally extended I will use the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) design by suing AVR microcontroller family (ATemage328PU) . the IDE will be used to developed the code for the MTU (visual Studio community 2015) and the IED use to developed the code for the RTU ( visual C++/C) also use one of (emulator and Proteus software ) to simulate the code before activation. at the end, the system easily to the configuration as the end user wish because the system User configurable

Keywords: Windows Run Time (WinRT), Universal Windows Platform (WUP), Internet of things (IoT), Master Terminal Unit (MTU), Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), inter-integrated circuit Bus (I2C), integrated Development environments (IDE).