Abstract: Day by day users of Internet is increasing for information extraction with precise answer. As Users struggle to get exact information, the demand for automated question answering becomes so necessary to search the answer of their questions meaningfully. This is a ambitious work to provide the accurate answer to the user query. When a user asks any question then user finds many of immaterial and unwanted answers. From these answers users get annoy in searching require answer.(QA) system is an intelligent system, which takes userís question in natural language (like English), process the question and find the proper result to the user according to question. The QA systems provide a semantic search on the web, which helps the user to get exact result instead of the uncertain and irrelevant data.QA systems, is a promising research area in NLP along with AI and Information Retrieval. In general, question answering system (QAS) has three modules such as question classification, question template matching and answer extraction.

Keywords: Information Retrieval (IR), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Question Answering (QA) System.