Abstract: One prefers a car for safe transfer to one’s destination at low cost, with comfort and predictable travel outcome. IoV (Internet of Vehicles) trends have led to many innovations in cars. This review paper presents a new data collection and calibration platform based on existing network infrastructure, Internet, to collect real-time data of vehicles remotely. The in-vehicle device is used to collect real-time OBD (on-board diagnostics) data and monitor other important parameters like alcohol intoxication of driver and seat-belt status that need to be monitored. This information is then received by the central server. The server sends back instructions or alert messages to alert the admin person. This provides information on driving pattern, control strategy, driving cycle, fault and reliability. Minicomputer Raspberry Pi is used as in-vehicle device and programming is done using Python language.

Keywords: alcohol intoxication, internet of vehicles, on-board diagnostics, raspberry pi.