Abstract: This dual mode lawn mower using GSM and sensors is an autonomous lawn mower that will allow user the ability to cut their grass with minimal effort. Unlike other robotic lawn mowers on the market, this design requires no perimeter wires to maintain the robot within the lawn and also with less human effort for the operation. One main advantage of this project work is that it can be used automatically or manually. In the automatic mode of operation, no human effort is required and helps to trim the lawn very efficiently and easily with less time. Through an array of sensors safety takes major consideration in the device, this robot will not only stay on the lawn, it will avoid and detect objects and humans. In manual mode of operation, we make use of DTMF ie, control over the mower using GSM which has a very wide range of network and hence can be used to control the mower. Lawn mower is equipped with solar panel for the battery being charged using renewable source of energy. Electricity can also be used to charge the mower. This design contains a microcontroller AT89S52 belonging to family 8051, multiple sensors, LCD display, motors and blades.

Keywords: GSM, DTMF, BASCOM.