Abstract: In an era of wireless internet, the use of mobile devices and cellphones has reached to a great extent. In this new digital world the availability of data accessibility over internet plays an important role. Dynamic storage systems are preferred for storing huge amount of diverse data. The cloud servers are capable of processing and storing any amount of data required, furthermore the cloud servers are flexible and scalable to great extent. The information on these servers is of huge importance to the data owners and thus require protective strategies. We thus propose a system which consists a group of techniques resulting in providing a secure data storage and data integrity. We have used AES algorithm for encrypting and decrypting the data and digital signatures. We have also used SHA1 for generating hash keys. These hash keys help us support our motive for redundancy checks as well as for maintaining data integrity. Our system also equip de-duplication of user data which promises efficient bandwidth utilization without harming the privacy of the user. Load balancing is another feature that we include in our system for better performance and storage measures. We have used drop boxes to implement our load balancing feature. We strongly believe that the existing systems do not provide the features included in our proposed framework.

Keywords: Data Integrity, Load Balancing, Deduplication, Third Party Auditor.