Abstract: After the birth, a child has to be given various vaccines for preventing deadly diseases. But the problem is that either the parents are not aware of these vaccines or they don’t remember the proper schedule. With this platform, we are trying to solve problems at the grass root level. The idea of our platform is to register the newborn child to our platform through SMS and then send notifications about the upcoming vaccination schedule based on the Date of birth of the child to the registered mobile number through SMS. The notifications are sent in few days advance as well as on the date of the event. In this way, the parents are aware of the various schemes as well as their proper schedule. In India very large population still doesn’t have access to the internet. The maximum percentage of the population has access to SMS. Also, the chances of a user checking an SMS are much higher than checking an email. Using SMS helps in reaching large population and an instant reachability. Our platform can be used in a wide variety of applications like Healthcare, Birth Registration, collecting essential data, spreading information etc. The proposed platform has been sent as a proposal for Digital India project through mygov.in. Our platform is built using open source technologies and the code is available on GitHub at https://github.com/Parbhat/echildcare. The online repository on GitHub includes the following: • The complete code of echildcare platform for reading and modification. • Features of echildcare platform. • Instructions for setting up the platform on a local machine for development. • Instructions for setting up celery for local development. • End User Instructions.

Keywords: python, Django, celery, RapidSMS, Healthcare, vaccination, Digital India, open source, SMS, child health.