Abstract: Currently all the encryption and decryption methods, in communication depend upon the use of a key, which by itself remains constant and needs a manual interaction to bring forward a change. In order to avoid this problem, we introduced a method which will almost eliminate the need for human element. This concept has been established by developing a key generation system that does not need the key to be constant or pre declared. A type of key that is not only self-changeable but also unique for every message that is being sent. This key will remain applicable to a particular message only for a set period of time. This dual concept of time and uniqueness for every message makes up the Twin Encryption System (TES). TES develops a key based on unique identities of two communicating machines and the current time, which creates a time function that can encrypt and decrypt the file or message without the need for fixing the key and then sharing it.

Keywords: TES, Cryptography, encryption, time-stamp, self-changeable key, Symmetric key, Asymmetric key, security, secure communication.