Abstract: Today’s networking technology uses wireless systems widely for the Internet of Things (IOT). Exchange of control commands and data between devices can be done using wireless technology although they were initially designed for voice communication systems. In this paper, we present the interfacing of the Bluetooth module with the FPGA board so that the FPGA board can be connected to an android device using the Bluetooth connection. Wireless signal transmission is possible once the FPGA board and an Android mobile are connected. The hardware used for the project include a Bluetooth module interfaced with FPGA board, an Android mobile with Blueterm application installed on it and a LED light connected to the FPGA board to indicate the successful signal transmission. The wireless technology is the most promising and popular technology to control devices remotely hence the work in this paper, with some modification and improvement, can be used to build the efficient remote controlled applications.

Keywords: Avnet LX9 FPGA micro board, Android mobile, Bluetooth HC-05, Remote control, Spartan 6