Abstract: Electricity is one of the basic requirements of human beings, which is widely used for domestic, industrial and agricultural purposes. The basic approach of our project is to utilize telecommunication systems for automated transmission of data to facilitate bill generation. Traditional meter reading for any utility consumption and billing is done by human operator from houses to houses and building to building. This requires huge number of labor operators and long working hour to achieve complete area data reading and billing. Human operator billing are prone to reading error, also has errors while recording what was read and during data entry. Hard to access meters at rural accounts, indoor meters, obstacles. This System will hear by resolve the time consuming process to get readings and generation of bill. In this system, No. of units sends to the MSEB at Schedule date and time. And according to bill is generated and sends to the userís Email ID.

Keywords: Electricity board, Automatic Meter Reading, Interrupt Request, Communication port, Light-Dependent Resistor (LDR).