Abstract: : Cloud Computing is a stretchy, cost-effective, and confirmed delivery platform for providing business or consumer IT services in excess of the Internet. For the best Performance and most excellent security of cloud computing, we proposed homomorphic hybrid encryption technique. With the progress of Cloud Computing, Computer Network and Communication Technology, an immense group of data and information require to be exchanged by public communication networks. High effectiveness and high protection of data transmission become much more vital. In this paper we proposed Homomorphic Encryption technique, ElGamal encryption and Paillier encryption are widely used two algorithms of asymmetric encryption technology. Both are best and top privacy homomorphism, combination of ElGamal and Paillier renewed to hybrid algorithm, which are proficient to secure cloud data since homomorphic encryption allows direct encrypted communication in cloud computing. Here first we are generating key from Pailler cryptosystem then these private and public keys followed by ElGamal for the purpose of encryption/decryption, later Homomorphic encryption is applied for a secure encrypted communication of users in cloud.

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