Abstract: This paper proposes a modern security system which involves capturing an image of the person at the entrance of an office, a house, an industry or any secure facility for that matter, action can be taken accordingly with a trigger. First, the presence of a person at the entrance is checked with a PIR sensor and if the outcome is positive, an image is captured with a webcam and is sent as an email to the owner/authorised person. That owner checks his phone for email notification on phone (which can be easily implemented these days by adjusting the settings in the email). A triggering statement is sent to the GSM module present in the circuitry at the entrance such that the door can be opened if the person at the entrance is known and if not a message can be displayed with an LCD panel. We have implemented this technique on a home environment.

Keywords: Analog-to-digital converters, Time Based ADC, Time to Digital Converter.