Abstract: Performance as well as reliability are the important factors to consider while designing and deploying solid state drives (SSD) in storage systems. Instead of directly manufacturing the SSD; first needs to get insight into performance analysis using SSD simulation tools and comparing its results. If obtained results are as comparable with real SSD performance results then that is proper way to proceed for manufacturing the SSD. SSDs have pronounced write-history sensitivity, which implies that they have unique requirements for precisely measuring their performances. Primary objectives of performance measurement are to compare and analyze the read/ write ratios, various workloads, interface, stability and security. DiskSim simulator, FlashSim, VSSIM and SSD player tools are used to evaluate the performance of SSD devices employing a variety of Flash Translation Layer (FTL) schemes. This paper compares the performance of SSD with different parameters. The results of comparison show that write operation is more weighted than the read operation.

Keywords: Flash memory; Storage; SSD; Simulation; Performance.