Abstract: Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) provides proficient wireless communication by adopting ad-hoc routing functionality in mobile nodes. The MANET node result in frequent network topology changes, making routing a challenging task. This work is an attempt towards an optimization of geographic routing protocol (GRP) in IEEE 802.11g MANET. The system has been designed and investigated for different network sizes and variable mobile nodes density. To optimize the performance of GRP route information based IEEE 802.11g MANET nodes; the various quality of service (QoS) parameters such as, end-to-end delay, packet delivery ratio, network load, average throughput, number of hops/route,and normalized routing load has been determined using the parameter neighbor expiry time (NET). The simulation results show that with neighbor expiry time of 8, network performance is better from default value for IEEE 802.11g MANET networks.

Keywords: MANET, GRP, NET, OPNET modeler 14.5