Abstract: With the growing speed of technological advancement, Smartphones have become the essential components of our daily performance. Smart phone offers advanced technologies with functionality similar as a personal computer. There are advanced features in smartphones such as internet, GPS and also built-in sensors such as magnetometer, accelerometers which are very typical. In this study, we have created a successful android application, to monitor road surface and complexity of valleys which is accepted by wide user community. The goal is to minimize and manage current accidents on roads with the help of a user-friendly interface. To this purpose, the model formulation for the application includes a three-tiered architecture encompassing: i) a mobile application at user level that processes raw data from the embedded accelerometers and transmits the result of the computation (i.e. a roughness index) together with geographic localization data from GPS to a server; ii) a back-end server running a geographic information system where geo-referenced data are properly aggregated, organized and stored; iii) a graphical front-end based on a cloud platform service for visualization.

Keywords: Road Maintenance; Accelerometer; Road Roughness Condition; GPS; Magnetometer.