Abstract: This paper presents a new method called mixture Contrast Limited Adaptive Histogram Equalization (CLAHE) color models that specifically developed for underwater image enhancement. Firstly, the contrast stretching of RGB algorithm its applied to equalize the color contrast in images. Secondly, the saturation and intensity stretching of HSI is used to increase the true color and solve the problem of lighting. Interactive software has been developed for underwater image enhancement. In this we will be discussing about the degradations due to bad weather such as underwater, underwater small fish, gold fish and underwater apple in an image. The image quality of outdoor screen in the underwater and underwater fish weather condition is usually degraded by the scattering of a light before reaching the camera due to these large quantities of overhanging particles (e.g. underwater, underwater fish, gold fish, apple underwater impurities) in the environment. General contrast enhancement approaches can be applied for image debasing, such as linear or gamma correction, unship-masking, or histogram equalization. As haze is not constant over an image, these techniques cannot be applied globally as they would degrade haze-free regions. Results of the software are presented in this paper.

Keywords: Performance evaluation; Parameters; MSE; PSNR.