Abstract: Now a days, cloud computing is most popular network in world. Cloud computing provides resource sharing and online data storage for the end users. The main issue is to best utilize the cloud as well as the application providerís existing private cloud, to serve volatile requests with service response time guarantee at all times, while incurring the minimum operational cost. Employing Lyapunov optimization techniques, we design a dynamic control algorithm to optimally place contents and dispatch requests in a hybrid cloud infrastructure spanning geo-distributed data centers, which minimizes overall operational cost over time, subject to service response time constraints. Also there are many security issues while migrating the data within the clouds. So, security becomes essential part for the data which is stored on cloud. To solve this issues, the paper presents AES encryption and decryption technique. AES is high secured and fastest technique. This infrastructure guaranteed to secure the information and minimizes the operational cost in cloud server.

Keywords: Cloud computing, Content Distribution, Lyapunov Optimization, Dynamic Migration, AES Algorithm.