Abstract: There are large no’s of different Recommendation systems are proposed to enhance programmer efficiency by recommending different files to alter. These systems supply association laws in software alteration records. On the other hand, mining coarse-grained laws using only alter records generates recommendations follows with low accuracy, and capable to generate recommendations after a developer alters a file. In this paper, we have presented the code change impact analysis tool which recognizes different classes of requirements changes which has alike impact levels. By calculating the impact that requirement changes may have the causes of making a requirement alter can be evaluated to further requirement changes with admiration to the predicted attempt to execute the change. By considering the fact we are targeting this ‘Impact Analysis’ tool which will assist software business to predict problems from the code that can occur after carrying out any enhancement. It uses classic data mining algorithms to predict the problems. And cluster algorithm is used to group these predicted problems. With this tool it can reduce maintenance effort and the risk of costly rework. Impact analysis information can be useful for scheduling changes, construction changes, accommodating certain types of software changes, and tracing during the effects of changes.

Keywords: Impact analysis, predict problem, requirement change.