Abstract: The rapid detonation of web services technology in our businesses and day-to-day lives, to satisfy user requirements the composite services are formed by combining selected web services. Web Services are emerging technologies that flows the mechanism of communication between the electronic machines and reuse of component of services over the web. The selection of web services to satisfy the requirements of the consumers and to form the composite service made using Quality of Services (QoS). There is numerous service providers provide web services in the similar context, the web service selection based on QoS classification becomes incredibly essential for the consumer. As the QoS are significant features that decide the accuracy and efficiency of the web services to be selected, they are classified accordingly. In the proposed method based on decision trees the classification of web services has been applied. The modified algorithm of C5 classifier is used to do the classification based on QoS parameters. The confusion matrix is used to compute the accuracy of classification. It gives the higher accuracy in the selection of proper web service as per the need of consumers.

Keywords: Web services, QoS, Decision Tree, Classification and Confusion Matrix.