Abstract: Agriculture is the backbone of India. Farmers need advice to take decision during their farming activities such as land preparation, sowing, irrigation management, fertilizer management, pest management and storage for higher production of crop. Application of required amount of fertilizer at proper time and proper proportion will help in increasing the overall productivity of the farm and also safe guards the soil health and microbial biodiversity. Growing trends in Agricultural Automation has led to a tremendous development of software and applications to foster information dissemination. This paper expresses the idea about the creation of AgroNutri an android application that helps in delivering the crop specific fertilizer quantity to be applied. The idea is to calculate the amount of NPK fertilizers to be applied based on the blanket recommendation of the crop of interest. This application works based on the crop selected by the farmer and that is taken as input, thus providing the farmers with the blanket recommendation of the NPK fertilizers and the amount of Urea, SSP and MOP to be applied.

Keywords: Blanket Recommendation, Urea, SSP, MOP, Agricultural Automation, Soil Nutrient, NPK.