Abstract: Today there is demand to monitor environmental factors almost in all research institutes and the industries. Especially in remote areas where wire communication and mobile network is unavailable such as forests, deserts, mountains etc. The analog data measurement requires manual effort to note readings and there may be a possibility of human error. Such type of systems fails to provide and store precise values of parameters with high accuracy. Analog systems are having drawback of storage / memory. So, there is an requirement to do the remote place environmental parameters monitoring system which is to be accurate, easily operated, simple, small size, cost-effective and light weight. This paper represents the wireless sensor (WS) data communication using LM35, ARM microcontroller, ZigBee module, Arduino, Graphics LCD and PC. Experimental setup includes the heating arrangement of LM35 and transmission of data using ARM microcontroller and ZigBee. Receiver receives the data using Arduino, ZigBee and displays it on GLCD and stores the same in PC for processing. Heating arrangement is used to heat and cool the temperature sensor to study its characteristics.

Keywords: Wireless communication, ARM Microcontroller, Sensor, Personal computer, GLCD, Arduino, ZigBee.