Abstract: Image enhancement involves mainly the borders, edges or sharpens image features such as contrast and reduces ringing artifacts. Increase the images so that the information contained in them can be extracted in a meaningful sense of quality improvement. The biggest difficulty in image enhancement and image enhancement techniques to increase due to a large number of empirical criterion increases and requires interactive processes to achieve satisfactory results. Digital image processing in industrial X-ray image processing such as image enhancement, micro-imaging, remote sensing, and medical image analysis plays an important role in many areas. Improve the image of either a human observer or a philanthropic vision of a computer program such as visual sense or detect targets high-level image analysis, can be a kind of performance.. In the current work we are going to present Improved HSF selection of filter which in addition uses the thresholding of local tiles. We have compared the results with different performance matrices.

Keywords: Image enhancement, HSF, Threshold, Rayleigh CLAHE.