Abstract: Message validation is one of the effective ways to thwart the threat of unauthenticated and unwanted messages that are communicated through Wireless Sensor Network (WSN). To overcome this problem, many workers have proposed various models using different techniques like key based cryptosystems using symmetric key or public key cryptosystem. However, most of these mechanisms have limitations due to their high computational and communication overhead, in addition to scalability problem and threat of node compromise. To address these challenges researchers introduced polynomial-based model, though these models also have inherited weakness of the polynomial. To provide a more robust and effective security measure, we are proposing a scalable validation mechanism based on the security model (SM). The proposed system permits any node to transmit unrestricted number of data without undergoing the threshold problem. Further the proposal enables message source privacy. Through simulation trails, it is proved that this system is more efficient than the polynomial based model in terms of computational and communication overhead under similar security stages with additional message source privacy.

Keywords: Cryptography, dataintegrity, Message validation, source privacy, WSN.