Abstract: In this current age of 21st century security and privacy has become a major challenge to all of us. Whether it is in the private sector or government agencies, there remains a constant threat on privacy and security. Bank accounts are being hacked, private information being stolen now and then, lump sum amounts of money and valuable documents are changing hands overnight. Technology is changing and evolving constantly over the years. Hackers have become more ruthless in their methods and have been successful to make their entries into any system in the world and steal things. There are many vaults all across the country where important valuables and secret documents are kept, which are important for safety and security of the nation. So to answer these concerns we have proposed an idea where we are going to integrate some biometric features along with GSM communication and build a multi layered security system- 4-layer biometric system. Biometrics has emerged as one of the most convenient, accurate, and cost-effective forms of security. Since Biometric techniques are automated for personal recognition based on physical attributes which include face, fingerprint, hand geometry, handwriting, iris, retina, and voice. Each of the techniques is customized for specific applications. Biometric data are considered to be different and distinct from personal information because it cannot be reverse-engineered to recreate any personal information and cannot be stolen to attempt theft.

Keywords: Security, Facial recognition, Finger print scanning, wireless security systems, GSM verification.