Abstract: Today civilization is hugely dependent upon Electronic and Communication system. In this electronic world, different techniques are used for data transmission and communications many years ago cables are used for data transmission. But there are lots of difficulties in the installation of cables Networks and no of drawbacks, so we need to find an alternative to the cable network .Now a day’s wireless technology is the most advanced technology used for data transmission and communications overcome the drawbacks related old techniques, but still man the continues search for the better. For speedy transformation, Wi-Fi is used and next to that Gi-Fi technology is generated in wireless technology that improves our own surrounding, either work or private, by means of networking or a variety of own and wearable devices within the space and with the outside world. For transferring large files audio as well as video with high speed within seconds. Gi-Fi played the main role with small size, less cost, and high security.

Keywords: Bluetooth, CMOS, Gi-Fi, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max.