Abstract: India is known as the agricultural country as the main occupation in India is Farming. India is also known for the export of the spices, jute, raw wool and tea. India nearly produces half of the tea combining the whole world’s production.The main and important thing which causes this massive production is the Land quality and features of Indian soil. To maintain this overwhelming production rate the qualities of soil must be preserved at a functional level. The factors that needed to be controlled are listed below and with the help of sensors we are able to measure the different parameters related to soil. Factors affecting productivity of soil are Moisture, Humidity, Temperature and salinity of the soil. By measuring the parameters we can control them to a set point value by limiting the excess and increasing the lacking parameters. The control will be entirely over the internet. The user will be able to decide the appropriate action to be taken and can take decision by controlling the system via the internet.

Keywords: Temperature Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Humidity Sensor, LPC2138, Internet of Things.