Abstract: Renewable Energy Sources (RES) based Distributed Power Generation use Power Electronic Converters for grid interfacing. This paper deals with a multi objective control strategy for a current controlled three phase Distributed Generation (DG) inverter. The DG inverter incorporates active filter functionality in forward and reverse power flow modes when connected to a nonlinear load. The multifunctional grid connected inverter (MFGCI) can compensate for load current harmonics, load unbalance and load reactive power demand with closed loop active power control. The proposed closed loop power control scheme achieves accurate power tracking with zero steady state errors under ideal and non-ideal supply conditions. A hysteresis band current controller is used to generate the switching pulses for the interfaced inverter. Extensive simulation studies are done in MATLAB/Simulink software to validate the effectiveness of the proposed control strategy.

Keywords: Renewable Energy Sources (RES), Distributed Generation (DG), Multifunctional grid connected inverter (MFGCI), Power quality, Total Harmonic Distortion (THD).