Abstract: A load cell convert a force into electrical signal through a mechanical arrangement and it usually consists of four strain gauges in a Wheatstone bridge configuration. The electrical signal output is typically of the order of a few mill-Volts and requires an instrumentation amplifier before it can be used. The output of the transducer is plugged into an algorithm to calculate the force applied to the transducer. Load cells are high cost of the order of 25,000/- to 2,000,000 /- rupees or more. These load cells can get easily damaged by large pressure or by high voltage. This paper represents a load cell with a totally new way. The load cell is designed on a shaft and potentiometer typical arrangement which helps to develop a highly efficient and effective load cell application. The output of the potentiometer was given to an ADC. ADC converts this voltage to digital signal which was interfaced with a computer. The computer program written in vb.net displays the converted output that is the weight. The circuit interfaced with computer was cost effective and maintenance free. The circuit requires 5V supply. The developed efficient load cell can be implemented in weighing load on goods at retail shops, bag Filling Machine, tank dispensing, Liquid Separation etc.

Keywords: ADC, potentiometer, load cell, amplifier, transducer, Wheatstone bridge.