Abstract: With the growing demand for real time services in Wireless Networks, based routing has emerged as an interesting research topic. A Wireless Mesh Network (WMN) is based on ad-hoc networks, where each node transfers data to and from an Access Point (AP) which is connected to the Internet by a wired or wireless network. These AP need not be in the reach of all the nodes in the network. Nodes around the AP forward the packets from the faraway nodes to the AP. If there are a significant number of nodes in the network, faraway nodes can transfer data with the AP in a few hops. Besides mobility, WMN have the advantages viz., they can work in a decentralized fashion, are cheap with minimum investment for initial infrastructure, more reliable, scalable and provide increased coverage. They are widely used in campus networks, metropolitan area networks, transportation system, security surveillance system, etc.

Keywords: Wireless Mesh Network (WMN), Access Point (AP), Ad-Hoc Networks.