Abstract: Conventional PID controllers are used to control the dc motor for various industrial processes from many years due to their simplicity in operation. In industrial area the of PID controller used in various level to improve efficiency of the industries or plant. A PID controller requires controlling the plant for different process and control applications. In this paper worked out, speed control analysis of DC motor using PID controller & Speed control of separately excited dc motor has done with using armature voltage control method. So that PID controller basics are verified and various tuning methods of PID controller are explained and the mathematical modeling of dc motor has done and it is simulated to Simulink. The control system consisting of PID controller dc motor is also simulated to Simulink. Response of dc motor is recorded as simulation result when step input to provide as reference signal. Therefore, the performance and analysis of dc the motor with PID controller is performed and calculating the various responses of the parameters such as maximum overshoot, rise time, settling time, etc.

Keywords: DC motor, PID controller, Tuning methods, modeling and simulation.