Abstract: In recent years, driver drowsiness has been one of the major causes of road accidents and can lead to severe physical injuries, deaths and significant economic losses. The system architecture for driver drowsiness detection and alcoholic alerting system using microcontroller. The driver drowsiness is detected by using drivers wearing eye blinking sensor .In one of the major disappointment of the system does not wearing all time eye blinking sensor by drivers because the sensor is irritating the drivers eye. It is overcome by using camera. Determine if the eyes are open or closed. The system deals with using information obtained for the binary version of the image to find the edges of the face, which narrows the area of where the eyes may exist. Once the face area is found, the eyes are found by computing the horizontal averages in the area. Once the eyes are located, measuring the distances between the intensity changes in the eye area determine whether the eyes are open or closed. A large distance corresponds to eye closure. Alcohol drinking it is about 31% of all road accidents. By using alcoholic gas sensor to detect the alcohol when the driver is drunken or not.

Keywords: driver drowsiness, alcoholic gas sensor transportation safety and alerting system.