Abstract: We all know day by day technologies become strong hacker and terrariums attacked become more power full as per older techniques for cryptical messages inside images. In this research paper propose a high-tech region-adaptive steganalysis algorithm which will be used for the legend application to detect watermark attacks. The major advantages of the proposed steganalysis detection technique is RGB Intensity value, PSNR values and NC values which is allows tamper detection using linear classifier by given that these selective features. In the watermark processes data is embed on diverse location of the targeted image using a combination of discrete wavelet transform (DWT) and singular value decomposition (SVD) technique. In addition, there is a new use the major region-adaptive steganalysis technique to detect attack, if certain types of attack have occurred. As will be elaborate, the method to improve the efficiency of detection, Test the robustness of the projected steganalysis method. Histogram Equalization, Gaussian Noise, Sharpen, Salt and Pepper Noise, JPEG Compression, and Smoothing are the major attack. Some different system effect robustness of the projected steganalysis which are translation, rotation, and scaling belongs to geometric attacks. The cruelty of these attacks can be adjusted by modifying their corresponding factor values. Experimental results will detect the cryptical data on the original image or targeted images file.

Keywords: RGB Color Intensity, Image steganography, Image encrypton, Linear Classifier, Message Encryption.