Abstract: Fake cash identification implies discovering fake coin from the monetary standards. With the progression of the advanced managing an account administrations, programmed strategies for paper cash discovery has gotten to be critical in the vast majority of the applications, for example, in computerized teller machines and programmed merchandise vender machines. Pictures are prepared by utilizing different systems of picture handling and further different components are removed from the image.Automatic techniques for banknotes acknowledgment are required in numerous applications, for example, programmed offering products and candy machines, among others. The methodology comprises of various segments including picture preparing, picture division, and trademark extraction, looking at images. Fake notes are an issue of verging on each nation however India has been hit truly hard and has turned into an exceptionally intense issue. Fake notes are an issue of practically every nation except India has been hit truly hard and has turned into an extremely intense issue.

Keywords: Fake currency, Instance retrieval, Currency recognition, text-to-speech, feature Extraction.